Time entry for global teams

Log working hours across time zones. Track where your teams spend their time with minimal hassle.

Grid layout for a quick glance at work

An easy to sort grid layout to 

Real-time KPI progress graphs

Effectively track the progress of work completed and identify blockages in workflows. Augment your decisions with key data.

Enhanced search and filtering system

Use our Live Search to quickly sift through your work and efficiently find the information you need. Use filtering to organize your data. 

Powerful text editor

Use the in-app text editor to effectively convey information to your team. It supports text, images, videos, GIFs, emojis, lists, grids, code, and more.

An in-app floating Workpad

An in-app sticky note with superpowers. Instantly jot down and save important thoughts. You can also copy and paste contents from your Workpad to text editors for convenience.

Dialogue area for specific work-related communication

Stop getting confused with all of the different places to communicate about a work topic. Keep information related to one work topic in a centralized area.

Chat with co-workers anywhere throughout the application

Chat with colleagues from anywhere within the application using the in-built chat feature. Collaborate with multiple teams members using parallel chat windows.

Join the Darkside (or conveniently toggle between sides)

Enable Dark Mode to reduce eye-strain during those late night working sessions. Toggle back and forth between themes whenever needed.

Swift access to different work domains

Quickly switch between different work domains that you are a member of and focus on work for that particular team or department. Executives can microscopically view progress between work domains and make more informed decisions.

Keyboard Navigation shortcuts for efficiency

Efficiently navigate your workflows using keyboard shortcuts. Quickly switch between screens and go to your desired area of work. Change work settings in a breeze and efficiently drive your workflows